First day at Studio 1.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Thursday 26th June, The first day of my work placement at Studio 1. 

I was super super nervous as I have never worked in the real photography world before, especially in a studio with multi millionaire clients. The day started at 5:00am with my drive into London, there was no way I was going to be late on my first day. I got to the studio and met the team, honestly the most kind people ever. They were all giving me tips and advice, the warmest welcome I could have wished for.

The photography team was made up of 5 people, camera man, 2 assistants, studio manager and me. We all packed the equipment into the car and made are way to the location. 

I was breath taken when we stopped outside this beautiful house, situated in Ealing. Many events are taken place here every two weeks, even celebrity celebrations with Britney spears. The house was bombed in World war |, where the house was destroyed, the grandmother passed the house down to her grandson who promised to restore the house to exactly what it looked like before the bombing. The house was incredible outside and in. 

The whole house was built with marble, with the intricate golden details throughout the whole house. It was certainly a place I have never been before, I was so lucky for this to be my first shoot. 

We were shooting for Frank Saul current owner of three different clothing ranges, thursdays shooting was for L'atelier. They design the most divine dresses, perfect for a luxury evening or corporate event. At the shoot I was able to help the gorgeous Fabio, the stylist for the day. It was heaven, surrounded by pretty dresses and thousands of shoes. 

Links to the clothing ranges:

I spent most of my day with the hair and make up team, an ultimate dream of mine. Talking about the make up looks to go with the dresses, the make up was mainly natural and flawless. A simple pink eye, flushed cheeks with a deep pink almost natural lip colour, the lip stain gave them a subtle pop. 

The stunning Stella, the model everyone envies. Her beaming personality was so easy to work with, being so co-operative the shots were done within 15 minutes and onto the next dress. I spent the day looking after her, seeing if she needed anything, holding her drinks. 
The client was around at the shoot, making sure he was happy with the style of photographs, he was simply astounded with Stella and the elegance she bought to the photographs.

I focused especially on how the photographer worked and how he used his assistants. This was crucial to me as I have never seen work like this before. I need this experience so I am more aware of what I will be doing when I start out in a career. 

So after 12 hours the shoot was a wrap, client happy, photographer happy, me = so tired. 
But I had the best first day ever, I am so grateful for studio 1 taking me under their wing and giving me such an amazing opportunity to work with such admiral talented people. 

Studio 1 are truly amazing so go check out their work, you won't regret it.


Primark Obsessed.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm sure I am a lot like all of you, popping into Primark to see what bargains there are. 

The primark where I live isn't always the best, however I was in London the other day for a meeting and it would have been a crime not to go into Oxford street Primark. If any of you have been in there, you will know it ends up like a fight through a football crowd to get the latest fashion items but totally worth it for the amount you pay. 

There were some really nice summer pieces in there, these were the things I picked up... 
I didn't want to just photograph the items so I thought I would photograph how I would wear the items.

bodysuit - miss selfridge
skort - primark
sandals - new look
choker - topshop

Close up of choker

I fell in love with this skort and it was a must to add to my basket, the print is so unusual and really caught my eye on the hanger. I have been really loving skorts recently, I think they are really flattering, and easy to dress up or down for the perfect summer outfit. I paired mine with a simple black bodysuit and my go to summer sandals. 

top - primark 
skirt - primark
shoes - nike

I have had my eye on this top for a while now, but I never got round to buying it. Saw it in London and just went with it, I am a total sucker for a casual tee. They are so easy to wear with absolutely anything. I normally pair them with some leggins, or jeans but I wanted to show they can be worn girly. Of course keeping my nikes on, can never get me out of my trainers. 

top - primark
leggins - primark 
bag - primark 
sandals - new look 
sunglasses - primark 

This bag is honestly my favourite primark find, backpacks are so in at the moment and as you can tell I mainly wear black and white. Monochrome is my life so this bag is so me and is perfect for any outfit because of it's simplicity. The sunglasses are perfect for my holiday coming up in August, my best friend and I are off to Ibiza so these are definitely going on my packing essentials list. 

All from primark 

As you know I'm going to Ibiza for 4 days in August, so these miniature travel necessities are perfect for my short trip. Being only £1 each it was a bargain I could not miss. So if your heading off on a short weekend break I would definitely recommend these, they won't take up a lot of weight which is a plus for me as I'm always over packing. 

Hope you enjoyed my little outfits, 
enjoy your adventures.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello I'm Hollie Freeman, beauty addict and fashion lover. 

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now, I'm starting work placement with photography studio 'Studio 1'  this thursday and thought this was the perfect time to start babbling on about my adventures and loves. I am extremely nervous to start placement with studio 1 but excited to tell you all about it.

My blog will focus mainly on my lifestyle, including beauty, fashion, travel and photography. So if you share the same hobbies as me, stick around and enjoy my adventures in life as much as I do. 

I cannot wait to get into blogging and make it a part of my life.