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Friday, August 01, 2014

I am the person who is so against watching action and crime films/tv shows, ask my sister she has to put up with my addiction to reality tv on a daily basis. 

BUT I was sat with my sister while she was watching this show about the fbi catching criminals, I was completely hooked, couldn't focus on anything else. 'What is this?!?!'.... CRIMINAL MINDS. 

It is about a team made up of 7 people, including a genius, tech nerd and a rather hot guy. They all work for the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. For the crimes they have to solve, they focus on profiling the criminal rather than the crime itself. 

I even made my sister start from the beginning, we're currently at the end of season 6. The bad part is we have been watching it for about 2 months, every time I get home my first words are 'criminal minds?'... where me and my sister then spend the rest of the evening watching episode after episode till it gets to dark and we get scared of murderers. 

I think I'm ready to accept that I have a problem. I have caught myself crying twice now, I have become so attached with the characters, when they're hurt my emotions can't cope. I know... I'm strange or just overly emotional. 

I love how there is more of a story behind the characters than just watching them save people. We actually find out about their lives, their history and most of all how they are their own little family looking out for each other. 

If you love programmes like this you will love Criminal minds. It's so easy to watch and loose the track of time, every episode is so gripping. When I hear people watching so many episodes of the same show so quickly I always think 'how?!.. how do you not get bored?!' I take that thought back completely... I don't think I could ever get bored of criminal minds. 

Some episodes are slightly scary and incredibly jumpy... (the amount of times I've had to grab my sisters arm in fear). But screaming at the telly when you know who the unsub (technical fbi talk) is, makes me feel like I'm helping.. they just don't listen to me. 

I also have to introduce you all to Morgan. You will all thank me. 

Mmmm, Now you have to go and watch it for him. 

and also for my sister for introducing me. 

Agent Freeman out.

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