Friday Favourites, Mac Lipsticks.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Mac has been one of my favourite make-up brands, for as long as I can remember.

Picking my top favourites out of my collection was a massive struggle for me, so I started with which ones I wear the most and broke it down it different seasons so there is a massive variety in colours. 

Modesty  ●  All Fired Up  ●  Media  ●  Vegas Volt  ●  Amorous  ●  Hot Tahiti

This is one of my favourite nudes of all times, I always go through the struggle of finding the perfect day to day nude. It is impossible to find one I love just as much as modesty. It is a peachy toned nude so compliments many skin tones, it is highly pigmented too which is something I always look for in a nude colour. I definitely recommend this nude if you are on the search for one.

All Fired Up
A very bold and out of my comfort zone decision to purchase this one, I'm not a huge lover of pink on my lips however I was on holiday in Tenerife in August, and this colour did not leave my lips. It is a matte colour which is my favourite finish, so colour didn't look to in your face. It is such a rich fuchsia when I say rich I mean deep pink when applied. 

Media definitely has to be my go to autumn winter colour, it just really compliments my pale skin in the colder seasons. It is a really deep red, kind of a red wine colour (just you can't get drunk on lipstick). I have to admit I thought it was going to be a lot darker, but once on it soaks into your lips and becomes a gorgeous dark red. 

Vegas Volt
Another perfect summer shade, orange. Last summer I tried many orange shades from various brands and this was the one that stuck with me. It looked slightly daunting to me on the shelf but my hand kept reaching out to the shade. The best purchase ever, it is fabulous on.. not too much orange at all. It really is like a pale orange and raspberry colour mixed together. 

I find myself also reaching for this colour in autumn, as it is a lovely rich but pale purple, (I know, awful description) but it honestly is. The purple tones really come through when applied but it is a lovely pale shade. It is a perfect alternative for autumn winter if you are not bold enough to go with Media. It is also a colour which can take you through day and evening.

Hot Tahiti
This is a lipstick which needs a lot more recognition for being amazing. I am a girl who lives in fear of bright red lipstick as I just don't think they suit me, so I always look for different shades of red. As Hot Tahiti is a glaze finish it really makes a difference leaving the red really toned down and glossy. It really compliments the red shade of natural lips and gives them that little bit extra for winter.

I hope you enjoyed my favourite 6 mac lipsticks, I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite shades and help you a little in finding the perfect shade for you. 

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